Guardian of Man

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Guardian of Man

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The earth has become inhospitable, so humans have created an Ark to travel through space and find a new home. You have been sent with a small contingent to scout ahead and find a suitable planet. Unfortunately, an alien invasion begins before the Ark gets there -- hold out from 30 waves and protect your new home!

C: Switch weapon
E: View structure/robot
Fire: left_mouse
R: Reload weapon
1,2,3: Use item
Z: Toggle minimap
Movement: mouse

Tutorial at the start of a new game; press ESC in game to see all controls and review the basics. Mouse controls character movement. Click an outpost to get inside, left click to shoot, space bar ejects.

Play: Guardian Games, Man Games, Guardian Of Man 2, Guardian Of Man 3

Tags: Action Games, Alien Games, Defend Games, Defense Games, Guardian Games, Man Games, Planet Games, Robot Games, Shooting Games, Space Games, Teen Games, Tower Games

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